Monday, December 17

Snow and booties!

My back is feeling much better. Thank you everyone for your good wishes. By Saturday night I was able to do a little knitting again. I cast on for a pair of little Robin Hood type booties. The pattern is a free one from the Bernat website called Organic Cotton Knit Booties. Since I don't happen to have any of that yarn on hand, I used Sugar & Cream worsted weight cotton. These were simple and fast to knit. I made the 3 month size and only used about 60 yards of yarn. Here's what the bootie looks like before seaming and after seaming. They're so cute!

I cast on for a hat to match the baby sweater last night. I knit my hats from the top down in the round. I start them on double points with a bit of I-cord and move to a 16" circular as soon as it is big enough around. I'll post my pattern for it one of these days. The baby sweater is done except for the sleeves. I'm having trouble with the bottom of the sweater rolling. The pattern I'm using from One Skein Wonders doesn't have you do enough garter stitch rows. I'll make a note on the pattern in case I make it again. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about the rolling edge. It may block out. If it doesn't, I'll have to stabilize the edge somehow. If you have any suggestions, let me know.

We got 8" of snow over the weekend. Once the system moved through we got some lake effect snow on top of it and it got very windy. Today, it has warmed up a bit and the sun has come out. The streets are melting which is good. Here's a pic of what it looks out our patio door and here's what's growing inside. Yes, that is a bell pepper plant with a pepper turning red. We had too many plants for our garden this year so hubby planted two of them in pots. They've been growing in our family room all summer. Soon I'll have some fresh peppers to pick. LOL! If you double click on this picture, you'll be able to see our wood pellet stove burning. It keeps this room toasty in the winter time. It used to be the coldest room in our home. Our kitties love it! The pellet stove produces so much heat that we push some of it into the rest of the house with a fan. Our furnace doesn't run much unless it gets really cold outside.

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