Saturday, December 8

Ice and freezing rain predicted

Our weather forecast for the next 2 or 3 days does not look good. Starting after midnight tonight, we could get significant freezing rain and ice. Once this crazy front moves in it is supposed to stall out for several days. Which, of course, means an even greater chance of ice. A local weather forecaster is predicting 1/3" of ice tomorrow.

It only takes 1/2" of ice to break trees and bring down power lines. This has me worried.

I still remember several years ago when we had an ice storm in January. Everything was encased in ice. All day we heard nothing but crack, slide, and thud as the trees near us broke under the weight of the ice. Yes, the heaviest branches hitting the ground made out house shake. Thank God we didn't have any trees over our home!

We were lucky in that storm to only lose our electricity for about 4 hours. Others in the area were out for days. Not what you want when the temperatures are below the freezing point. :-(

We'll hunker down and hope for the best.

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Joanne said...

I hope you are warm and snug and the weather is beautiful, not dangerous. One hint that is useful in these conditions--if you ever lose power and the temps outside are cold, rush boxes of your frigerator/freezer stuff outside as it starts to defrost. You might as well use the great out of doors to keep your food from spoiling, right? :) I hope you don't need to use the tip!