Monday, October 6

The Freedom Hat Design & Charity Challenge

Woo-hoo! We're having a contest!

“Free to change; Free to give.”

This contest is based on my Freedom Hat pattern. Use this pattern as a blank canvas to create the hat of your dreams. Design it silly, sweet, funky, or unique. Or knit and donate hats to the charity of your choice. Have fun!

Two prize packages full of knitting goodies will be awarded. Each package contains over $60 worth of goodies. Click here to see what's in each prize package. One prize will be awarded for the best design and another for based on hats donated to charity. Keep reading for more details about each challenge.

Deadline for entering is November 3, 2008.

This is an international challenge. Anyone who knits may enter. You may enter as many times as you like. Remember, all hats must be knit by the person who enters the contest.

Using the Freedom Hat pattern you must:
1) knit and donate a hat to charity or
2) design a hat based on the pattern.

To enter, join the Simply SimpleKnits** group on Ravelry. [It's a great place for knitters. Click here to go to the signup page for Ravelry.] Or if you don't want to join Ravelry, you may still enter a hat in the contest. Here's how: Add a comment to this post, stating that it is an entry in the charity or design challenge, provide a link to a picture on Flickr (or other picture hosting site on the web), your first name, and other details as required below. With your permission, I will copy your picture and place your entry on the Ravelry group for voting purposes.

Charity Challenge
To enter, post a picture of the hat you knitted in the charity challenge thread in the Simply SimpleKnits group on Ravelry. Please include the charity’s name and address (or a web link) where your hat has been donated. It is required that you donate the hat you knit to charity. (I may verify the winner’s donation(s) with the charity.) Add a separate post for each hat you enter in the contest.

Design Challenge
Post a picture of the hat you knitted and what you did to change it from the original pattern in the design challenge thread of the Simply SimpleKnits group on Ravelry. (I’d love to see these hats donated to charity but it is not a requirement.) Add a separate post for each hat you enter.

Entrants and any Ravelry member can vote for their favorite hats in both challenges. The winner in each challenge will be the hat with the most votes and will be awarded one of the two prize packages worth over $60.00.

To vote for your favorite hat(s), read the charity and design challenge threads in the Simply SimpleKnits group on Ravelry. Click the “love” button on the post of your favorite hat(s). (Ravelry will allow you to vote once per hat.) Voting will close on the morning of November 5th, at which time the winner will be determined.

The winning hat design may be posted as a free pattern download through Ravelry. Credit for the pattern will go to both SimpleKnits (for the base hat pattern) and the winning hat designer (for the customization details).

Pictures of the winning hats and other information will be posted here and on Ravelry after the contest concludes.

**You don't have to enter the contest to join the Simply SimpleKnits group on Ravelry. It is open to anyone who is a fan of my blog. I'm always happy to answer questions, provide help with my knitting patterns, etc. Come on over and join in the fun!

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