Friday, July 27

Knitting Lace -- Update

Emily left me a comment. (Thanks, Emily!) She got a reply from the Brooklyn Museum of Art about the Knitting Lace book. Here's what it says:

Fans of Knitting Lace Publication:

We appreciate your interest in the future republication of our catalog Knitting Lace. We are now working on the necessary steps to be taken to grant permission for a reprint of the catalog.

We will keep you informed as we move forward.

Thank you for expressing your interest.

Sallie Stutz
Vice Director for Merchandising

Woo-hoo! Looks like we made them wake up and pay attention. Thanks to everyone for contacting the museum to help make this happen. I'll post when I hear who is the lucky publisher who will be reprinting the book.

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Karen said...

hi! Lovely shawl, by the way.

I had written some time ago to try and get "Knitting Lace" reprinted - i kniew the interest was huge and I also knew that our library system's copy was likely to disappear soon since it was now so valuable. I am glad to hear that the knitters have finally gotten their attention - can't wait to see the book!