Sunday, August 5

White Kitty has a birthday!

Hi, my name is White Kitty. I turned 20 yesterday. Aren't I a handsome fellow?

I'm a domestic shorthair but I sound and act like a Siamese. My fur is not very soft. Some of it is short but there are patches of long fur along my spine. At my age, it's too much trouble to clean anything but my face and front paws. I go to the vet's office for a bath when I get too bad. I like the groomers. :-) Mom says my dander makes her itch.

I'm totally deaf. I holler loudly when I think I've been abandoned, wake up in the middle of the night or when someone sneaks up on me. (We don't sneak, he just thinks we do.) I can feel vibrations but not voices.

I have arthritis in my spine and tail. To help with that, I have my own prescription for cortisone which I take every other day. (Thank goodness, he will take his pill in his food.) Before I started taking medication, I screamed when my back would go into spasm. I thought the pain was from a cat attacking my butt. The pills help a lot though I'm still so stiff, I walk like a wind up toy. I can't jump up on the bed anymore. I'm getting really skinny which Mom says is typical of old cats. Who is she talking about? It can't be me. I really enjoy eating and eat lots of food every day. The food is great here.

I was adopted from a Pet Refuge Adopt-A-Cat event. I could holler louder than any other cat there. I was very unhappy. At one years old, my owners abandoned me because of a cat allergy. I don't understand, how could a baby be more important than me?

I wasn't left even 30 minutes before a new daddy showed up and took me home. My first name was Mikey, which he changed to White Kitty. I moved into a house with three unmarried guys. Then a friendly, big kitty named Gray Kitty arrived (though he said his name was really Omar), and a stuck up, black kitty named Sam came to live with us. We had a lot of fun and adventures together for many years. It's sad. Gray Kitty got sick and passed on in 2005 and Sam died in 2006. I'm happy and have no plans to leave anytime soon.


Kate/Massachusetts said...

Happy birthday, White Kitty! Being 20 years old is amazing! Isn't that like being 140 years old in human years? What do they feed you? I think I could use some of that! vbg

Sarah said...

Happy birthday, White Kitty! Congrats on hitting a big milestone.

e's knitting and spinning blog said...

Happy Birthday white kitty!

I hope you guys are hangin' in there. I'm always thinking of you.