Tuesday, September 18

Knitter's block

Ack! It's happened again. I have knitter's block and I don't like it. I'm stranded in a knitting desert. Help!

Just when I need the comfort of knitting, doing it is beyond me. It happened after my MIL passed away and now again with the loss of White Kitty. I'm looking at patterns and trying to get myself focused on spinning or knitting anything. I've tried and tried for the past several days to cast on for various projects with different yarns and patterns. Nothing has worked and everything has been frogged. I am so frustrated!

I'd like to knit a scarf or two for the Scarves From the Heart organization. Something that will be given to someone who has survived cancer. A symbol of courage and caring for them to proudly wear. I'd like to do this not only to honor my MIL, but for my best friend, Cathy, who passed away from this terrible disease in September 10 years ago. Even after all this time, I still miss her. I feel a real need to do something special for someone else---to give of myself and my talents. It may sound weird but I think doing so will comfort me too.

I sorted through my yarn stash for oddballs that might work for scarves. I found a couple of balls of Brooks Farm Fourplay (270 yards of worsted weight wool/silk) and a leftover ball of handpainted yarn (180 yards of fingering weight wool/silk) from the Butterfly shawl I made. I have a ball of shaded golds and one of shaded reds in the Fourplay. You can see the colors of the Butterfly shawl yarn if you click HERE. Both of these should make wonderful scarves. Trouble is, I can't make any of the dozen patterns I've tried work with these yarns.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a scarf pattern I could knit with these yarns? I have to start knitting soon, the deadline is October 8, less than 3 weeks away.


Anita O said...

Hi Vicki!

I am doing the Asherton Scarf in WW designed by Smareik. It is reversible and very textured, and knits up very very fast. I would say this scarf could be used for either male or female....

Her website is:

Kate/Massachusetts said...


Click on Free patterns and then scroll almost to the end to Rainy Day Scarf. I am knitting it right now and love it. It looks cabled but is just K2/P2 throughout! Works well for either male or female. Looks great in solids or handpaints. You have to track your rows but it is an easy knit. Rows 5 & 21 reverse the "curve" - if it looks like you made a mistake on those rows, don't rip! Also, next time I knit this, I would probably put some sort of edge on it.

Susan said...

I think your idea of making something for someone else will make you feel better. At least I hope so.

Check out Michelle's Japanese Vines scarf at http://mimoknits.typepad.com/ (Scroll down to the 9/15/07 post.) This could work with your leftover fingering weight yarn.

Another option is Grumperina's Shifting Sands Scarf at http://grumperina.com/knitblog/shiftingsands.htm This could work with your worsted weight yarn.

Take care.

KAT said...

I have a list of things that might help you on my knitting blog:
http://knitanadventure.com :)