Wednesday, September 19

Noro Felted Bag

Last week (before knitter's block), I quickly knitted up a felted bag with 2 skeins of Noro Kureyon. I wish I'd had 3 skeins but 2 was all I had in this colorway. I love knitting felted bags since they knit up so fast on big needles.

Kureyon is pretty rough to knit with plus it has little bits of dried fiber in it. But don't despair, after it's put through my front loading washing machine a couple of times, it becomes very soft and felted. The colors really pop! I took the completed bag to my fiber arts meeting last week. Sandy was surprised it was so soft. She said she'd been put off from using Kureyon because it's so rough. After seeing this bag, she may give it a try.

My friend Chris asked me to reblock her lace scarf. I blocked it harder so you could see the lace pattern. It's now about 3" wider than it was when she gave the scarf to me. Here's how it turned out. Isn't it gorgeous?


kathryn said...

Your bag is a fantastic colour!

Yes...what a difference a good blocking can make to lace!

Niki said...

The scarf is stunning, and I LOVE the fall colors!!!

vanessa said...

both the bag and the scarf are lovely colors :-)