Friday, September 21

Knitting in the Round reopens & a mystery wheel

Today, Elizabeth, Liz, and I took a short road trip to check out the newly reopened Knitting in the Round. This shop used to be in a round house off U.S. 31 in Lakeville, Indiana. It recently moved to a new location out in the country near Rolling Prairie, Saugany Lake, and the Indiana Toll Road. The shop is in the lower level of Lisa & Mary Shafer's home. It has a lot more space than the old shop and includes a big room that will be used as a classroom. It even has a small kitchenette with a refrigerator and a sink. All in all, it's very nice! And take it from me, their prices are reasonable.

The shop is up and running and they are getting in more stocks of yarn and knitting supplies every day. Though you can see from these pictures that they still have some work to do on the grounds. :-) Double click on the pictures to take a closer look. Owner Mary is on the left and my friend, Liz is on the right.

I took my sunrise leaf shawl along to share. Mary loved it so much she asked if she could borrow it for awhile to display in the shop. And (you won't be surprised to find out), she asked for a few copies of my shawl pattern to sell. Happy dance! Mary has expressed interested in our hand dyed and hand spun yarns as possible stock for the shop too.

Knitting in the Round is located at 8353 N 600 E in Rolling Prairie, Indiana. Their hours are Thursday thru Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm EST or by appointment.

If you're a spinner, you'll enjoy checking out this tiny spinning wheel and a huge Walking Wheel that are on display in the shop. If anyone has any information about this tiny spinning wheel, let me know. Mary thinks it is a child's spinning wheel but doesn't know it's age or anything else about it. The wheel has a small ceramic plaque set into it that have several words written on it. Is it German or something else, and what does it mean?

On a totally different topic, I finally caught up with my friend, Chris, to return her reblocked scarf. I gifted her with the felted bag I just finished (pictured in a previous post) for her birthday. Happy birthday, Chris! I hope you like it. When I saw the colors, I thought of you.


Joanne said...

Hi Vicki! Congrats on the pattern placement! I think the writing says: Therese Forsch.

I think that's a girl or woman's name, maybe German? It is possible that either it was a first wheel for a young girl, or a small wheel for a small woman. (some folks did spin on wheels that small) It looks like a flax wheel. Have you tried spinning on it? That would solve a lot of questions!

Faye said...

It is a girl's name

Therese Försch