Monday, November 3

Final day to enter hat contest

Today is the last day to enter the Freedom Hat Contest.

Frankly, I'm disappointed. There have only been one entry in the design section and four in the charity section.

I guess no one wants to win one of these two prize packages. Each prize package contains 2 skeins of yarn (1 hand dyed and 1 sock yarn), stitch markers, a knitting book, needles, other knitting notions and some treats.

Voting is open for the hats that have been entered. Please click here to go vote for your favorite hat.

Do you think I should extend the deadline until November 10th? Post a comment below to let me know what you think I should do.


Owl Chick said...

I didn't see the contest entry info until Friday...which is silly of me as I have your blog on my google reader =(

If you extend the deadline I promise to enter. But, that said, it may be unfair to the person who actually followed the rules for the rules to change at the 11th hour.

Islagringo said...

I agree. Changing the rule at the 11th hour is unfair. They had their chance just like the rest of us.

Ms. V said...

I feel bad that I didn't enter. I already have too many projects on the needles now and couldn't do it. Next time (as long as it isn't socks), I'm in.